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Crystal Buddha, Thousand Arms Guanyin, The Light of Guanyin


Crystal Buddha, Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, Tranquil Concealment

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The Collection: Buddha Sculptures & Figurines  |  Medicine Buddha
Design Concept:
Bhaisajyaguru, commonly referred to as Medicine Buddha, presides over the pure land Vaiduryanirbhasa (Lapis Lazuli Radiance), located in the east. In accordance with the description of Medicine Buddha’s dharma-body found in the scriptures, this image is cast in azure blue, the color of the sky, representing an ever-present guiding light. Amongst the twelve vows Medicine Buddha made while still a bodhisattva, the second begins, “I vow that in a future life, upon attaining enlightenment, my body will be like lapis lazuli, bright and limpid inside and out.” This vow has been Loretta H. Yang’s guiding inspiration in producing glass sculpture over several decades. Sitting in meditation posture on a jeweled lotus throne, Medicine Buddha is depicted with all the distinguishing characteristics of a buddha, including a benevolent countenance, a solemn demeanor, elongated earlobes, and the traditional monastic robe; he is backed by a nimbus decorated with an auspicious cloud motif. This piece consists of three parts: the figure, the nimbus, and the base. The flames on the rim of the nimbus represent the illuminating wisdom of enlightenment, and its circular shape symbolizes equality, harmony, and perfection. At the upper center portion of the nimbus is an image of Sakyamuni Buddha. On either side of the nimbus are six celestial buddhas. Medicine Buddha is typically depicted seated, holding in his left hand either a pagoda or a medicine bowl, while making a gesture (mudra) with his right hand, including the gesture of fearlessness, the wish-granting gesture, and the meditation gesture. On the palms of his hands are the “wheel of the Dharma,” the traditional symbol of Buddhism. As is customary for Buddhist statuary, the fingers and toes are joined together, like the webbed feet of a duck, symbolizing the consummation of spiritual endeavor. The base is decorated with auspicious motifs; it features scenes from edifying stories from the Buddhist scriptures, as well as depictions of the 12 guardian deities who protect the Medicine Buddha Sutra day and night. This image of Medicine Buddha is modeled on the one found at the Yakushi Temple in Nara, Japan.药师佛在过去行菩萨道时,曾发十二大愿,愿为众生解除疾苦,因此最后成佛,入住“凈琉璃”世界(国土庄严如极乐国)。而他的第二大愿:“愿我来世,得菩提时,身如琉璃,内外明澈”,也是杨惠姗做琉璃近40年秉持的信念,杨惠姗希望通过琉璃,把药师佛为人间解除疾苦的善愿带给人间,常驻人间。药师琉璃光如来面相慈善,仪态庄严,安坐于莲花宝座上。药师佛,全身青蓝色,双耳垂肩,身着通肩式袈裟,双足跏趺于莲花宝座中央,背光处祥云遍照。此作品结构上分为三部份,主尊、背光、底座。以药师琉璃光如来为主尊,背光正中为释迦摩尼佛,其余六尊分别是善名称吉祥王如来、宝月智严光音自在王如来、金色宝光妙行成就如来、无忧最胜吉祥如来、法海雷音如来、法海胜慧游戏神通如来。蓝药师琉璃光如来,背光上饰有背光上饰有祥云纹,取渊源共生,吉祥如意之意。背光代表佛的精神智慧与大觉悟的境界。火焰背光象征佛法无边及光明之意。圆形背光象征平等、圆融圆满,也是文化及艺术表现。药师佛多见坐相,一般左手持药钵或宝塔,右手施无畏印或与愿印或三界印,或结定印。亦有左手执持药器(又作无价珠),右手结三界印,身蓝琉璃宝色,右手持药珂子连枝带叶,左手定印托钵,钵中蓄满甘露。蓝药师琉璃光如来佛掌中亦刻有法轮,能摧破众生之恶,济度一切众生。药师佛手之手足于各指间有网缦,纤纬交互相连,如鹅鸭之掌,称为手足指缦网相,形成完整的密网,代表无漏失圆满修持。药师琉璃光如来莲花座上除吉祥纹饰外,也有佛经上的警喻及龙天护法诸善神的图腾。莲花座四周雕刻有药师十二神将,十二神将是指守护颂持《药师经》者之12为护法神。药师十二神将应于药师佛本尊的十二大愿,保护昼夜的十二个时辰。此尊药师佛的塑像临摹自日本奈良药师寺的药师佛。
New Medicine Liuli Buddha
The second great wish of the Medicine Buddha states:
“May the moment come when I attain enlightenment, the body, even the soul, become as liuli. Pure, transparent, flawless.”
Despite the immense difficulty in the task of forging this artwork, Loretta H. Yang created the expertly crafted Blue Medicine Buddha in unlimited edition as a blessing of health for all art lovers around the world.  Recalling the Medicine Buddha’s vow to help and heal all the sick and injured of the world, it is a testament to Yang’s personal struggles and the fortitude to overcome them that this artist’s piece is shared universally.
是杨惠姗塑佛的一生志业, 原只是师法依循着药师如来救苦济世的慈悲精神。  竟看到了自己的修行, 二十年过去, 渐渐明瞭其中意涵; 在「琉璃」透明的材质里, 内心愈见清澈透明,愈是澄澈无碍。
杨惠姗以佛家所说,琉璃色即青蓝色。  精诚恭铸「药师琉璃光如来」, 执此心路明灯, 众生离苦的修习大愿; 在慈悲的琉璃世界里, 杨惠姗仍然不停地走下去。
Item No.:
Size (L×W×H):
32*23*58 cm
Crystal Glass
Pate de Verre
Limited Edition:
Unlimited Edition
* Artist Loretta Yang made this Blue Medicine Buddha an unlimited edition so that everyone could receive the blessings from Medicine Buddha.
* Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.


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